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Strahan et al., 2008: Critiquing thin body ideals decreased likelihood of basing self-worth on appearance and increased body satisfaction among female adolescents over a week


Strahan, E. J., Lafrance, A., Wilson, A. E., Ethier, N., Spencer, S. J., & Zanna, M. P. (2008). Victoria's dirty secret: How sociocultural norms influence adolescent girls and women. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 34(2), 288-301.
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Adolescent girls took part in two 80-minute sessions over two weeks to critique thin body ideals, including the source of these norms in popular media, how unrealistic they are, and how they have changed over time, including creating posters challenging sociocultural norms. As compared to girls in a control condition, those in the treatment condition were less likely a week later to base their self-worth on their appearance, reported being more satisfied with their bodies, and reported less concern about others’ perceptions of their bodies.

Psychological Process:

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What is the Person Trying to Understand?

What Desired Meaning is At Stake?

What Desired Meaning is At Stake?

What About it?

Approach to Desired Meaning

Approach to Desired Meaning


Psychological Question Addressed

Psychological Question Addressed

Psychological Question Addressed

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