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submit research

Please ensure that the intervention meets the criteria specified in Walton and Wilson (2018, p. 625):

  • featured one or more psychologically precise independent variables;
  • assessed real-world behaviors, attitudes, or emotions of inherent importance to the person and/or society (this excludes studies that assessed only behavioral intentions or responses to a laboratory stimulus); and
  • was evaluated in a randomized controlled trial.

In addition, the intervention must be published or in press in a peer reviewed journal. Although we recognize that unpublished research contributes to the literature, peer review provides one check on methodological quality and we simply do not have capacity to process unpublished work at this time.

If the intervention meets these criteria, please complete the following form.

We will review entries in the order received. You do not need to be an author on the intervention to submit it. We reserve the right to post, not post, or edit submissions at our discretion. All submissions will be credited (e.g., “Submitted by John Smith, State University, on July 1, 2019.”).

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