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Prestwich et al., 2005, Study 2: Planning when and where to breast self-examine with their partners especially increased its likelihood among female undergraduates one month later


Prestwich, A., Conner, M., Lawton, R., Bailey, W., Litman, J., & Molyneaux, V. (2005). Individual and collaborative implementation intentions and the promotion of breast self-examination. Psychology and Health, 20(6), 743-760.
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Female undergraduates randomized to form implementation intentions were more likely to perform breast self-exams over the next month. Those who had a romantic partner and chose to have their partner perform the exam with them were especially likely to have performed a breast self-exam.

Psychological Process:

What Desired Meaning is At Stake?

What is the Person Trying to Understand?

Selves (My Own and Others')

Approach to Desired Meaning

What about it?

Changing beliefs about goals

Psychological Question Addressed

Where and when will I accomplish my goals?

Psychological Process 2:

Psychological Process 3:


What Desired Meaning is At Stake?

Approach to Desired Meaning





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