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Huang & Aaker (2019), Study 6


Huang, S.-C., & Aaker, J. (2019, June 24). It's the Journey, Not the Destination: How Metaphor Drives Growth After Goal Attainment. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/pspa0000164
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We went to the  African country of Ghana and assigned executives who had just completed an executive education program to a journey metaphor, a destination metaphor, or  a no-metaphor control condition. In the two metaphor conditions, executives  participated in a 30-min thought practice, guided by three trained on-site  interviewers in conjunction with the graduation ceremony. Six months after  graduation, all executives were asked to report their continuing goal-aligned  behaviors (i.e., continuing to implement business practices from the program)  through the program's standard follow-up survey either online or over the  phone (when an Internet connection was not available). We found that those  who thought of the program as a journey reported higher tendency to continue  executing the business practices they learned in the program.

Psychological Process:

Psychological Process 2:


What is the Person Trying to Understand?

What Desired Meaning is At Stake?

What Desired Meaning is At Stake?

What About it?

Approach to Desired Meaning

Approach to Desired Meaning


Psychological Question Addressed

Psychological Question Addressed

Psychological Question Addressed

Psychological Process 3:

Social Area:

Intervention Technique:

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